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  • w Railroad Inspection
  • w Railroad design
  • w Construction and rehabilitation for Class 1
  • w High production tie
  • w timber and rail renewal
  • w On Call 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
  • w Experienced and qualified professionals

Vision Railroad

  • Vision Railroad Division

    possesses a long and rich heritage. The company was established to provide an array of track services for the private and public sectors. We have experience and expertise in all areas of civil construction, track construction, and building construction. Our services include excavation, grading, site work, utility installation, structural concrete, building fit-out, building construction and rehabilitation, roadway construction, and railroad track installation, track maintenance and track removal. Vision is proficient in executing, administering and coordinating all aspects of the construction work necessary to complete projects on time and within budget. Our talented staff of project managers and administrative personnel serves as the support to our very seasoned workforce and superintendents. Vision Industrial Services team has the proven experience and capability to design, construct and maintain railroad facilities. The goal of Vision is to work safely and efficiently while completing the project in a timely manner to the satisfaction of our clients. We endeavored to exemplify the best in safety, quality and productivity, while fostering an atmosphere of enjoyment for our co-workers, clients, vendors and subcontractors. We constantly monitor the progress of each project in order to ensure that our client receives a finished project which demonstrates the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. Vision responds around-the-clock to emergency situations. With Vision there is no fallout from your emergency; we have the remedy to the situation within hours.